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At its present location the Agroplast Kft started the manufacture of products from glass-fibre reinforced polyester in 1969.

The buildings constructed from the large-sized panels manufactured at this time with a sandwich structure of glass-fibre reinforced polyester and hard polyurethane foam (in length of about 10,000 metres), which are existing as swine-breeding buildings, warehouses, training swimming-pools, etc. today too, do not need any maintenance in addition to the minimum keeping clear.

In 1972 we started manufacturing the garden swimming pools, sailing-ships, playground slides, sun-lounger, garden chairs, as well as various milk-, spray-solution-, and fish-transporting containers, in addition, self-drinking troughs used in keeping of animals, with glass-fibre reinforcement.

Already since the beginning of the years 1970 it had endeavoured to build up western market possibilities, so the collapse of the East-European market did not overtake it definitely. Presently the Agroplast Kft sells about 50-55 % of its own production in Western Europe. It carries on its exports and imports in its own right.

The domestic sale of the limited-liability company takes place at its own site. We are waiting for the visitors and customers with a service office to customers and a presentation room of high standard.

In the domestic sales participate also further 16 dealers.

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